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"When I got my first dog, I couldn't stand to leave him alone when I went to work. Finding Brian was a life saver. I was able to leave Popcorn, knowing that he would be taken to the dog park insted of being left alone all day. We have now added two more dogs to our family. We can go to work, or away on vacation, secure in the knowledge that our precious pets will be safe in the care of Cruzin Canines. We have recommended Brian and Cruzin Canines to all of our pet loving friends.”

Sharon G.

"I was introduced to Brian from one of my neighbors who use Brian's services for their dog, Lady . Candi (my boxer) loves Brian and knows when Brian is coming to get her for her outings and is so excited - Brian is just wonderful and there is no doubt in my mind that he loves animals."

Joan M.

"Since finding Brian my life has become SO much easier! Having a very high energy dog but not always having the time to exercise him was really getting frustrating for me. Now, Brian shows up, (my dog goes ballistic as soon as Brian's car pulls up and he can't wait for Brian to get to the door!) and off they go. I can tell by my dog's reaction to Brian (I think he would run away from home and go live with Brian if he could) that my boy adores Brian. He can't wait for "Brian days". So my dog gets a wonderful exercise/playtime with Brian and I get back an happy and exhausted pup sprawled out across the floor. It's the best money I ever spent."

Dorothy L.

We are so lucky to have found Brian! He has been a lifesaver in so many ways. We have been going through a really rough time with my husbands mother's illness and had not been able to take Gaby to the dog park to run and on walks. Being a adolescent German Shepherd and having such a high energy level, playing and walking are an integral part of her daily routine, once Mom got sick, we found ourselves unable to spend the time with her that she needed, so we contacted Brian. He has been so great for her, she has bonded with him and looks forward to his daily visits, she senses when it is time to go with him and starts to whine and butt wiggle till he gets here. 

He has also stopped by our house to just let her out, and leave leave a light on for us, when he knew that we were tied up at the hospital and couldn't get away. Seeing the sheer JOY in Gaby's face when she sees and hears Brian, we know that she is as comfortable with him as we are. We would not hesitate to recommend Brian and Cruzin Canines to all of our friends and family!

Ryan & Michele R.